Mariusz Szmytkowski

As a graduate in Interior Architecture and Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań he has been running the original interior design studio for many years. His range of activities includes also theatre scenography, and his long-term cooperation with the Grand Theatre and the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań resulted in a variety of interesting projects.

In addition, Mariusz Szmytkowski created the scenography for the Stage by the Old Brewery in Poznań (“Old Brewery – New Dance”). He also worked with the Rialto Fabrique Nomade theatrical group.

Volta Design

The interior design studio involves a team of experts – designers, whose experience and expertise allow for the completion of each project. Each design process is supported by effective solutions based on years of experience and relationship with clients, and individual approach towards each project ensures complete customer satisfaction. While designing, we think in the same way as our target customers and each topic is based on close cooperation.

VoltaDesign was founded in 1996 by Mariusz Szmytkowski, owner and interior designer (previously from 1989 – Inplus design studio). In the course of 17 years the company has established its leading position in the field of interior design. From the very beginning the main specialisation of Volta Design studio concerned designing luxurious houses, residences and apartments. Interior design is respectively accompanied by comprehensive development and realisation of furniture and utility items, which are closely integrated with the interior.
Moreover, we have accomplished projects for numerous commerical ventures.
These include:

offices / restaurants

Piano Bar , Brovar Pub, Habana , Niku /Poznań/
Odjazd /Piaseczno/, Hot Spot /Warszawa/


WSNHiD /Poznań/ , SWPS /Warszawa/
Concordia - Centrum Designu /Poznań/
Szkoła podstawowa i gimnazjum Davinci /Poznań/
Sklepy Kala /Polska/